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Party music – some of our most frequently asked questions



What does 16 Strings String Quartet consist of?

A string quartet consists of two violins, viola and cello. A couple of our quartets have replaced the cello with the double-bass. But either way, both setups will give your special event a distinct touch of elegance and class.

If you are hiring a trio you will have two violins and cello. However, sometimes one of the violins will be replaced with a viola depending on musician availability – however the sound will not be impacted as the musical part is interchangeable.

What area does 16 Strings String Quartet cover?

We have multiple string quartet groups servicing different cities and surround regions around Australia. (1) Our Gold Coast String Quartet service the Gold Coast, Northern Rivers and the Hinterland such as Mt Tamborine and Springbrook. (2) Our Brisbane String Quartet services Brisbane and Ipswich regions. (3) Our Toowoomba String Quartet services Toowoomba, Lockyer Valley, Dalby, Warwick, Crows Nest, Grandchester and surrounds.

For regions outside a certain radius, bookings will incur an additional travelling fee and a minimum booking of 2 hours is required for these functions. Please notify 16 Strings of the exact address and suburb of your function to clarify if the fee does or doesn’t apply to you.

Will 16 Strings String Quartet perform as a solo, duo or trio?

We do not offer a solo or duo. However, we do offer a trio ensemble. A trio group is considered a petite group because there is one less musician so the sound level is decreased which is why it tends to suit smaller venues or weddings with 50 or less guests. Having one less part also means there is one less harmony in the music but if you’re not overly concerned about how ‘full’ the songs sound harmonically then go a trio.

However, a string quartet would always be our recommendation because by having four musicians means a more balanced sound (melody, harmony, rhythm and beat) which musically always sounds better.

What’s The Difference Between A String Quartet & A Trio?

We like to think of the quartet as being the “platinum” package and the trio as the “gold”.

A string quartet will always be the louder ensemble as there is one extra part so if you’re in a large space (particularly outside) or have many guests you will most likely need the extra volume. A string quartet arrangement will also create a more balanced sound as there are 4 even parts (melody, harmony, rhythm and beat) which musically always sounds better. Floor Area – 2m x 3m

A string trio on the other hand although still creating a wonderful elegant sound is considered the more petite group because there is one less musician so the sound level is decreased which is why it tends to suit smaller venues or weddings with less guests. Having one less part does means there is one less harmony in the music but if you’re not overly concerned about how ‘full’ the songs sound harmonically then go a trio especially if it suits the space better. Floor Area – 2m x 2m

But don’t take our word for it – we have prepared an excellent audio example for you to listen to that will clearly present to you the difference in sound between a trio and a quartet. Listen here.

What requirements do you have regarding space and equipment?

We need an area covering about 2 x 3 metres (quartet) and 2 x 2 metres (trio) on a flat surface with adequate light. Each musician also requires an armless chair and it is also helpful if there is a place where we are able to leave our instrument cases and bags during our performance.

How do you charge? And can I get a quote?

Because every event is different we need to find out all the details about your event before providing you with a quote. So please click here and fill out the required fields.

How do I make a booking? And do you require a deposit?

16 Strings String Quartet requires a small deposit. Before a deposit is paid we will hold your booking for five days from date of invoice. However, if your holding deposit payment is unable to be made by the due date we cannot hold or guarantee your booking. The holding deposit confirms that we will make no other booking at the time of your function. Your holding deposit will be deducted from your final payment, which is due one week before your function.

When is the final payment due?

16 Strings String Quartet will contact you one month prior to your booking to finalise your song lists and also send you through your final payment invoice. Your final payment is due one week prior to your event.

How do you accept payment?

16 Strings String Quartet provides you with an invoice. We accept cheque and direct deposit. There is an option to pay by credit card via Paypal with a small surcharge to cover fees.

How do we choose the music we would like?

When you make your booking we send you a form that you are to complete – providing us with all the details for your booking. On this form you can select the styles of music you would like to have. For a wedding ceremony you can let us know what you would like for the key parts of the ceremony (processional, signing of the register and recessional). If you need any help choosing the music please do not hesitate to ask.

The song I like isn’t on your repertoire list. Can I request a song?

If you require a specific song that’s not on our current repertoire list we are happy to consider it for arrangement. For requested songs this will incur an additional arrangement/sourcing fee per song. To arrange a song it takes around 2-4 hours depending on the complexity of the piece. We require a minimum of 3 months for this service.

What do the string quartet wear?

16 Strings String Quartet always dress smartly and wear all black outfits. If you would rather we wear something different please let us know at the time of booking and we may be able to cater for you.

Will you need to take breaks?

We will need to take some breaks during the booking time (except for a ceremony only bookings). We usually allow about 5minute every 45 minutes (after the first 1.5 hours). We  try to time these in accordance with your event’s formal proceedings (speeches, announcements etc).

What would happen if I cancelled the booking?

On the very rare occasion that a client cancels the booking, we would retain all monies paid to date. All deposits made are non refundable, but is fully transferable – depending on the availability of the string quartet.

Can I change the time of my event once my booking has been made?

Yes – and No. During the busiest seasons, 16 Strings String Quartet may be playing at several engagements on one day and the change of time may not suit with the quartet’s additional engagements which cannot be changed. However, if this isn’t the case, the quartet is more than happy to work with you on your time change.

Does 16 Strings String Quartet need to be at the wedding rehearsal?

Generally, no. This is an additional expense to you that really is not necessary. Your 16 Strings String Quartet team leader for your region will call you the week of your booking to run through the last minute details and to give you peace of mind that everything is ready to go. The team leader will also arrive at your event about 10-15 minutes early to coordinate cues with your wedding planner, the groom or any other person who is in charge of your event.

Are 16 Strings String Quartet able to play outdoors?

16 Strings String Quartet are more than happy to play outdoors on fine days. Should the weather be too windy or wet, we would have to move inside and have the right to do so. We ask that there is some shade for us to play under to protect our instruments from direct sunlight.

The only area outside that we are unavailable to play is directly on sand at the beach as it can destroy our instruments. If 16 Strings isn’t notified that your booking is on the sand and we arrive and are expected to set up on sand we have the right to refuse to play and locate to a position nearby that is on a grassy or cemented area. We make this clear in our information pack and stick to these rules without question.

What would happen if on the day one of the quartet members was unwell?

If a member of the quartet were unwell, we would make sure that we found a suitable replacement. 16 Strings String Quartet have a circle of professional deputies that play with us regularly. These proficient players stand in when one of us is on holiday, or otherwise engaged, so they are well rehearsed with the music and acquainted with our high standards.

What happens in the rare occasion that last minute a member of the quartet cannot make the event due to unforseen circumstances?

In the unlikely event that a member of the quartet is unable to attend your wedding at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances on the day, e.g. car crash, act of God or alike, the fee for that missing player only will be refunded.

I would like 16 Strings String Quartet to play at my wedding and reception. They are at different locations. What are the charges?

We quote from the time we start playing to the time we finish/leave. Therefore, if you require 16 Strings String Quartet to play at two different venues, or there is a break between ceremony and reception (at the same venue) – the time spent waiting or travelling is quoted as if we were playing. We quote on our time. This is because the quartet would not be able to accept additional engagements/bookings whilst waiting to play at your reception.

What’s the normal structure of a wedding with a string quartet?

The answer to this question is located on another page on our website. To go to that page and to see the different package options please click here.

What days are 16 Strings String Quartet available for hire?

16 Strings String Quartet are available on Saturday and Sunday. However, if you have an event during the week (Mondays to Fridays) we can be available in the evening and outside normal business working hours.

What if my booking runs overtime/late – What are the fees?

For any reason your booking runs overtime you will be charged by the minute (with a minimum time of 15 mins) + a $66 overtime fee will apply. However, please understand we can’t always guarantee we can stay, so make sure you have allocated the correct amount of time prior to your event to avoid disappointment because if our musicians need to leave (at the original finish time) we can’t promise we can stay.

My ceremony is outdoors and my wet weather option is at a different location.

If we need to go to a different location due to wet weather we require 2+ hours notice so we aren’t travelling to more then one location. If we are told later then this time there is a chance we may run late or may not be able to attend due to not being given enough notice.

If you make your wet weather plan an entirely different time and location (later in the day/evening/etc.) you will either need to make your booking longer or make two separate bookings so we are available for both times. As we’re sure you understand, we can’t hold two booking times for you and then void one on the day, as we will have to turn away other bookings. There is also no refunds if we aren’t able to play due to wet weather.


Ready to book your wedding or party music?
If you’re interested in having the superb music of 16 Strings String Quartet grace your special occasion, please contact us. We have string quartets located in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Toowoomba. Or if you’ve got any further queries, please call our friendly team today on 0423 152709.

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